6200 + Workforce
29 + 4  Manufacturing Plants,
Manufacturing Locations
- Gurgaon, Haridwar, Bawal, Bengaluru, Alwar, Chennai, Hosur, Indore, Mysore, Nalagarh & Pune
International - Spain, Poland & Mexico
Business Verticals
Considering changes to the market dynamics in the Indian auto component industry and the evolution of the industry over the years, we created virtual business divisions cutting across locations and manufacturing facilities to improve operational efficiency as well as to enhance and promote synergies between manufacturing facilities. 

Sandhar Automotives - (Proprietary Business)

Under the Automotives Division we manufacture products based on our own technology or technology absorbed over a period of time pursuant to technical collaborations with international technical collaborators including Honda Lock and JEM Techno Co. Limited.

Products in this divsion are locking systems, rear view mirrors systems, auto relays, switches, hinges and latches for two wheeler and four wheeler OEMs and door handles for four wheeler OEMs. 

Sandhar Components - (Commodity Business)

Components Division is an integral part of our vertically integrated operations and the overall strategy of being self-reliant in respect of key materials and processes required for the products manufactured by the Automotives Division.

This division manufactures a range of products including sheet metal stampings and tubular components, zinc and aluminium high pressure die cast components such as wheel hubs, spools, spindles, sprockets and plastic injection moulding components. 

Sandhar Automach - (Assembly Business)

Under the Automach Division, we have modern production processes and manufacturing technologies for wheel forming, tri-nickel chrome plating and assembly machines. 

Automach Division manufactures and assembles wheel rims and wheel assemblies, handle bars, clutch and brake panels and fender assemblies.

HSCI Division

HSCI division, which predominantly supplies to Honda Cars, is a result of our 27 year old relationship with Honda group. In 1987, we entered into a technical assistance with Honda Lock for supply of two wheeler locks which progressed further into a technical collaboration for four wheeler lock assemblies, mirror assemblies and door handles in 1996.

Product line for HSCI division includes lock assemblies, door handles, mirror assemblies and painted products for passenger vehicles as well as painted products for two wheelers. 

Cabin & Fabrication Division

Sandhar acquired Mag Engineering in fiscal 2013 and the cabin business of Arkay Fabsteel in fiscal 2015 to enter into the off-highway vehicles segment and set up our cabin and fabrication division.

Cabin and fabrication division is engaged in manufacturing of operator cabins, canopies, housings, panels, switchboards, control cabinets and other high precision sheet metal components for back hoe loaders, excavators, wheel loaders, cranes and tractors. 


Fuel Sender Division

Under the Fuel Sender Division, we manufacture senders, gauges and instrument clusters for two wheelers, commercial vehicles and tractors. We recently commenced our production activity under the fuel sender division as part of our foray into electronic components.

Sandhar Centre for Innovation & Development (R&D)

We imbibe new technology through in-house R&D activities, joint ventures and technical collaborations. R&D is a critical part of our business and we have an R&D team which comprises 20 engineers based at SCID in Gurgaon. Our R&D team primarily works on new product development, design proto- typing and product upgrades. Additionally, most of our manufacturing facilities have their own engineering department which focuses on improvements to specific products. This adds to our ability to cater to the greater demand for variants in the automobile segments.

We believe our R&D efforts provide us a competitive advantage with respect to quality and cost. For example, our R&D team has developed a set of evaporative emission products for two wheelers in anticipation of the new BS IV norms for two wheelers to be effective from March 2016. These products have been developed completely indigenously and we believe, could offer cost and quality advantages compared to other products in the market.

Our strong R&D capabilities are further demonstrated by the patent applications made by us. These include patent applications for anti-theft bike stand lock, electrically triggered inside rear view dimming mirror, roll over valve for two wheelers and a replacement roll over valve fitted with fuel filler cap of motorcycle. 

Stand Alone Companies

Sandhar Technologies Barcelona

Sandhar acquired unit E1 of Tecnicas de la Fundicion Inyectada SA (“TECFISA”), Barcelona by way of a asset sale process run by the French Commerical Court . The assets and the liability were bought in a special purpose company which is now Sandhar Technologies Barcelona S.L. (“ST Barcelona”). 

ST Barcelona is in the business of manufacturing aluminium spindles or reel axles acting as seat belt retractors.

Sandhar Tooling Pvt. Limited

STPL was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 as ‘Sandhar Steady Stream Tooling Private Limited’ on February 26, 2002, in New Delhi. Subsequently the name was changed to ‘Sandhar Tooling Private Limited’ and fresh certificate of incorporation consequent upon change of name was issued by the Registrar of Companies, National Capital Territory of Delhi and Haryana on February 4, 2011. STPL is involved in the business of manufacturing, designing and developing tools, moulds, dies, jigs, fixtures among others.

Indo Toolings Pvt. Limited

Indo Toolings was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 on February 22, 2008. Indo Toolings is involved in the business of manufacturing, designing, drawing, developing, fabricating assembling and trading in all kind of tools including pneumatic tools, hand tools, machine tools, cutting tools, dies, jigs, fixtures, accessories and components. 

Sandhar Technologies Poland

ST Poland was incorporated under the laws of Poland on June 20, 2011, in Poland under the name Arding Investments Sp. z.o.o. and registered in the National Court Register kept in the local court in Cracow, XI Business Department, under number KRS 0000391835. Its name was changed to “Arding Investments sp. z.o.o.” on August 6, 2012. ST Poland is involved in the business of aluminium high pressure die cast parts for the automotive sector.

Sandhar Technologies Mexico

ST Mexico was incorporated under the laws of Mexico on February 27, 2014, in Mexico. ST Mexico is involved in the business of manufacturing and trading in auto parts.

Sandhar Technologies Mexico manufacturers high precision aluminium pressure die cast components for the NAFTA Region. 

Sandhar Han Sung Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Sandahr and Han Sung have entered into the Han Sung JVA to set up a joint venture to manufacture and distribute, in India, press parts for application in relays, motors and tools, injection moulded parts for application in sensors, connectors, switches, vehicle relays, lamps and windshield wipers, switches and such other products as mutually agreed. Pursuant to the Han Sung JVA, our Company and Han Sung have established Sandhar Han Sung Technologies Private Limited as a joint venture..


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