Sandhar has been continuously working on new concepts and products to enhance user comfort, safety and security. Some of the newly developed products that are ready for commercialization
Four-In-One Lock for 2-Wheeled Vehicles
Integrated Steering Lock cum Ignition Switch with Fuel Tank Cap & Seat Latch Actuator which can operate all the locks in a two wheeler which enhances user comfort.
Bike Main Stand Lock
An Anti-theft Security System that locks the Main Stand automatically when parked thereby preventing the vehicle from getting off the stand.
  • Prevents the vehicle from getting off the stand until unlocked by its unique key
  • Automatic locking Integratied with Ignition Lock
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Effortless unlocking
  • User friendly
Magnetically operated Handle Lock Cum Ignition Switch for 2 & 3 Wheeled Vehicles
Security features of Magnetic Shutter Lock and Conventional Disc Tumbler Cylinder Lock combined for better secuirty and ease of operation.
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