Vehicle Security Systems
Immobilizers and Remote Key Entry Systems (RKE), Passive Keyless Entry Systems (PKE), Bluetooth, GSM and GPRS activated security system to suit all categories of modern vehicles i.e. 2 wheelers, Passenger Cars, SUV, MUV etc.
Remote Key Entry (RKE)
It allows comfortable access to your vehicle while ensuring protection against unauthorized access. Remote keys operate with radio transmission.
The system has optional/ inbuilt feature of "Find Me", to search the vehicle.
Vehicle security system is based on an intelligent communication interface between the Electronics Control Unit (ECU), the key transponder and BCM or Engine Control Unit as a single unit. It is designed to meet the latest International security requirements.
Immobilizer can also be integrated with RKE, PKE into a single Electronic Control Module (ECM).
Low Frequency Antenna for Immobilizer
Antenna for immobilizer can be customized to suit the system requirement.
Passive Keyless Entry (PKE) / Keyless Go /Smart key
Smart Key System allows the driver to unlock, lock and start the vehicle without using the Key FOB. The vehicle is automatically unlocked when a button or sensor on the door handle or trunk release is pressed.
Bluetooth (BLE) Secure and Comfortable
Multifunctional Smart Device Terminal offers secure authentication with Remote and the Mobile Phone via BLE (Bluetooth low energy). This makes the vehicle safer and more comfortable with: Auto-Immobilization, Vehicle On-board Dagnostics (OBD).
GSM / GPRS based security with GPS location
This provides Vehicle Security with Vehicle Tracking System. The device sends SMS / Call alert in case of ignition & vibration detection in a Vehicle.
Real Time location of the vehicle can be tracked on user mobile phone with GSM & GPS Locator. The vehicle can be remotely Locked/Unlocked without any range limitaation. The device also has features like tilt detection and rash driving detection (Excessive braking /acceleration).
Antiglare Electro Chromic Auto Dimming Mirror:
Antiglare Rear View Mirror (Interior & Exterior both) for night driving safety with electro-chromic technology at affordable cost. It can be offered with following optional features i.e. Clock, Compass, Temperature display, Camera display, Reverse Parking Assistance display.
Mirrors with LED Indicators
Rear View Mirrors with LED turn indicators for 2 wheelers, 4 wheelers, commercial and off-road vehicles. LED indicators consume low power and have long life with high reliability. It also adds to the aesthetic value of the vehicle.
Electronic Flashers
A wide range of electronic flashers with multiple ratings for 2 wheelers and 3-wheelers. Electronic Flasher can replace Electromechanical Flasher Relay on target segment of lower load, with maximum inrush current up to 150-200A. Sandhar flashers are AEC qualified and has features such as Over Temperature Protection with limited restart, Over Voltage Protection, Reverse Polarity Protection and Over Current Protection.
Load lamps options:
2 x 10W + 2 x 2W
2 x 20W + 2 x 2W
2 x 10W + 2 x 2W + Hazard
For LED indicator Load (as per requirement)

Note: Size, shape and connector as per customer requirement.
Capacitor discharge Ignition (CDI)/ Transistor Coil Ignition (TCI)/ Inductive Discharge System (IDI)/ Engine Control Systems (ECS):
provides Intelligent systems like: CDI, TCI/IDI, ECS etc. for 2 wheeler with 4 Stroke Engine for effective Ignition System.
The Intelligent System uses variable advanced timing where the firing angle is varied according to the engine RPM in order to maximize both the power output as well as the engine efficiency. Ignition angle can be fully customized for different engine designs.


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